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Since 1997, Randall's Adventure & Training® has designed no-nonsense, affordable field knives specifically targeted to military, law enforcement, and the special operations community. Many of our knives now serve in the combat zones of Iraq, Afghanistan and other remote locales. ESEE Knives is also setting the standard for many local, state and federal law enforcement officers when it comes to high performance, compact sheath knives with multiple carry options. The NTOA scored our 3-inch fixed blade a 4.77 out of a possible 5 .


Randall's Adventure & Training ® has been designing, marketing and selling survival and military styled knives since 1997. One of their first designs was the RTAK which was built for them by Newt Livesay's Wicked Knife Company long before Ontario Knife Company produced the design. In fact, Ontario Knife Company used a Newt Livesay knife to build the first Ontario prototype. We also produced and sold the RAT skinning / survival knife made by John Greco and the RAT Laser Strike knife made by TOPS (Photo left of US Army SERE class using the Laser Strike knife). The RAT Laser Strike was the cover story of the September 2001 issue of Tactical Knives magazine. Randall's Adventure & Training designed the following knives: RAT skinner, RAT Laser Strike, RTAK, RTAK II, TAK, RAT-7, RAT-5, RAT-3, Model 1 (Folder), RC-3, RC-4, RC-5, RC-6, Izula, Junglas, Lite Machete and the sheath systems for the RC-3, RC-4 and RC-6.

After a successful 5-year exclusivity with Ontario Knife Co., in 2007 Randall's Adventure & Training decided to produce a higher quality line of knives outside of the mass production capabilities of Ontario. This decision was also spurred along by customers wanting upgrades to the existing line. The new ESEE Knives is considered "mid-tech" in the sense of quality and manufacturing procedures. This means you will notice upgrades to sheathing, fit, finish and detail on ESEE  knives. Most important, ESEE Knives will now be in a position to respond quickly to new product development and upgrades to existing lines without the layers of corporate decisions and political correctness often found with large companies. As with Ontario, all of our new knife designs will fit the bill of desirable field cutlery when it comes to toughness, comfort, and cutting efficiency.

Throughout our time in the cutlery industry, our philosophy has always been geared towards customer service and having our product perform to the user's expectations. Whether you're a one-time knife buyer or a purchasing manager for a large distributor, we want EVERY customer to have a satisfying experience - all the way from the initial order to the use of our knives. If you experience any problems, we want to know about it. We also appreciate any positive feedback you may have to offer. Feel free to contact us about any issue, negative or positive.

The new ESEE Knives are not associated or manufactured by Ontario Knife Co.


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